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Introducing Deep Logic Smart Contract Auditing to Web3.

Prisma Shield is bringing a whole new level of security and trust to Web3

Deep Logic Smart Contract Audit

Our Deep Logic Audit is a human-driven smart contract audit that goes above and beyond a security audit. It ensures that the smart contract honors the whitepaper and that the protocol is fully functional by reviewing the code’s mathematical accuracy and logical integrity.

In addition, this service includes mainnet testing and proactive communication with the project owners to ensure full comprehension of the project to provide the best possible code review quality.

Deep Logic Audit vs Security Audit

Feature Deep Logic Audit Security Audit
Identifies Security Threats
Ensures Functionality
Reviews Mathematical Accuracy
Reviews Logic
Whitepaper Validation
Communication Interpersonal Distant
Recommendations Multiple & Customized Limited & Standard
Analysis Human-Driven Automation Heavy
Testing Deep Testing Basic Testing

Deep Logic Auditing is the most all-encompassing auditing service in Web3.


It’s Time for a Change

One of the most pressing challenges in DeFi, and the crypto sphere in general, is the lack of trust investors have in new projects.

Although Security Audits often do a good job of detecting basic security vulnerabilities, it is becoming increasingly insufficient in gaining investor trust. This is because a majority of projects that face technical failures are due to logical errors in the smart contracts.

Our Deep Logic Audit ensures that projects are delivering the promised tokenomics and functionality to investors by carrying out a deep-dive into the code and whitepaper, reviewing the code’s mathematical accuracy and logical integrity, and enforcing thorough testing. We work closely with project owners to help them build truly error-free, trustworthy projects that maintain and grow a healthy investor base.


Build Trust With Your Investors

Prisma Shield helps you establish a greater level of trust with investors by taking a deep dive into the technical and economic aspects of your project to make sure they align with each other.

This one-two punch helps you establish a greater level of trust from current and potential investors.

Mathematical Accuracy and Integrity

Our audits go beyond security by reviewing the mathematical accuracy and logical integrity of the smart contract.


AI technology is simply not advanced enough to perform true Deep Logic Auditing and that is why a manual review is at the core of our audits.

Whitepaper Validation

We carry out an in-depth review of the whitepaper and relevant documentation in order to identify core logical errors and ensure that the smart contracts effectively deliver on the promises made to investors.

Fully Covered Testing

Our audits fully cover mainnet testing and/or local testing, depending on client preference. We carry out thorough testing of all significant code paths to ensure the effectiveness of the smart contract and identify functional and security vulnerabilities.

Interpersonal Auditing

In order to ensure the highest quality audit, we carry out multiple interviews and Q&As with the relevant smart contract developers to understand their project, tokenomics and user interactions to ensure the smart contract’s accuracy.

Build Better Code

We provide 1-3 customized recommendations per finding in order to resolve issues and enhance the smart contract. We work closely with developers to provide them with the most applicable resolutions and aid them in building the highest quality code possible.


How Deep Logic Auditing Works

Deep logic auditing goes beyond identifying technical flaws and bugs; it analyzes whitepapers to ensure that the automated execution aligns with the agreement terms. The scope of deep logic auditing includes simulating smart contract interactions and testing blockchain code in order to identify any potential security vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Send us finalised smart contracts


Receive quotation


Full deep logic audit


Q&A with developers


Documentation / Whitepaper Validation


Mainnet or local testing (client preference)


Initial audit report sent to client to allow resolving of all findings


Final audit report published publicly with contract addresses



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Founded by a Team of Investors & Developers

Prisma Shield is the only Deep Logic Auditing firm in Web3. We decided to introduce Deep Logic Auditing after identifying multiple problematic launches and the evident limitedness of basic security audits.

Our smart contract auditing services were developed with the goal of helping innovative projects succeed. Prisma Shield helps creators go beyond security assurance with a human-driven Deep Logic Audit by skilled professionals that builds trust among participants and investors.

We aim to not only secure Web3, but to enhance the Web3 experience for users, investors and projects by maximizing effectiveness and integrity across the board.

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